Covid-19 Update: We are Canceling

Well, I suspect anyone interested in attending Hattanooga in May very likely saw this coming. I should begin by apologizing for the radio silence as of late. Some of you may know that I run the Night Merchandising floor at our local Costco and providing supplies to people has been challenging the last while; we have been working a lot. The above photo is an adequate summary of how things have been going lately, and I don't see much improving in the immediate future.

So, while I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, we have made the decision (been mandated, really) to shut down Hattanooga for this year. With the US/Canada border being closed to travelers this weekend and the ensuing pandalerium this thing has caused/is going to keep causing, there is no other responsible course of action. Disappointing, certainly. But there are silver linings buried in this somewhere and I intend to find and focus on them. My little family is doing it's best to take this in stride, as are the other organizers and friends of the con. I hope you will too.

We will be processing refunds over the next week and making every effort to ensure we keep everyone informed about what we plan to do bigger and better next year. For the time being, stay healthy, diligently utilize what you already have at hand and take this thing a day at a time. I plan to connect with old friends, catch up on some projects and spend a bunch of time with my kids reading, laughing and playing hide and seek. (I tried to hide in the dryer last time and got stuck, but this time it's going to work for sure!)

Stay well everyone.

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