We've got Heart.....Wood...

I've been running a local Gaming get-together Thursday nights for around 15 years with a group of friends and enthusiasts. On paper, we were known as "The Medicine Hat Gaming Guild". I've always just called it "Nerd Club" for a few reasons, but the most important is that it is an homage to a friend of mine who moved away and in some small way, this keeps his condescending spirit alive. (Thanks Brad!) Anywho, last June we lost our venue for Nerd Club and I've been trying to find a local space since then that was Free, caters somewhat to gamers, is Free, is well lit, reliable, free, has good table space and most importantly, is free. Now, this has proven to be a little more work than I was expecting. When I first formulated the notion of a weekly nerd-thingie, there were a number of Churches in town that had space they were willing to open up to the community at large. This was good for us, they perceived it as a chance to promote community events and to perhaps bolster the numbers on Sunday. WIN WIN! Fast forward 15 years and the world has become a more closed space it would seem. The only places willing to have us were pubs and coffee shops. Most of them didn't really care what we were doing as long as we spent money on drinks and left when they closed. (or a little before.) We sort of bounced around a few places for a while, most of the regulars had either given up on there being a steady locale or weren't interested for fear of getting food and drinks spilled on their games. ( I don't see this as an issue, most everything I own is laminated....) Cue the mighty HEARTWOOD CAFE!

The Heartwood was established on Valentines day some years back and has recently changed locations to, get this, RAILWAY STREET across from THE TRAIN STATION!

Heartwood Cafe in the foreground, Train Station in the background across the street. Snow may or may not be here on the long weekend, It's Canada, who the hell knows...

Now, why is this relevant to Hattanooga? They have graciously opened their doors not only to the Nerd Club weekly, but also as the pre-and-post-Hattanooga destination Thursday the 17th and Monday the 21st! Anyone travelling in on the Thursday can expect to be treated to an evening of train gaming here. The owners, Meghan and Lee, are not only super people but they also like games. While the whole 18xx thing is relatively new to them, they (read: Lee) are interested in the whole thing and helping us out where they can. Help comes in the form of a classy joint with GREAT coffee, food and local beer on tap.

Attendees from out of town are encouraged to join us here Thursday the 17th from 6:30 until around Midnight for games and drinks. We will also be here on Monday the 21st from 10am until 5:00 pm for those of you who don't have far to go are just plain aren't in a rush to get back. It's going to be a super time. Their website can be found here: https://www.heartwoodcafe.com

I hope you can join us here and help out a great local business and two new friends of mine. As you can probably tell, I am a little more than thrilled to find this place and both Meghan and Lee. The timing of all of this was serendipitous, as was the location. I just know good things will come of our new partnership and I will be speaking with them soon about the upcoming con and a bit about their gaming history and some other stuff. Stay tuned!

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