Marc V. Brings more to the table than his appetite...

My friends Dad could beat up your Dad's friend's.... Uncle's..... You know what, forget it. I met Marc about 5 or so years ago and I think it is safe to say we hit it off right away. He likes to make games, I like to try to tear games apart. A match made in heaven, truly. He has also been one of the more enthusiastic attendees/contributors to Hattanooga and this year will be no exception. Marc may have as many as 4 new prototypes to inflict on the general public, the exact number is unclear at this time. But when I asked him to slap together some brief notes and a few pictures, here's what i got: Designs by Marc Voyer!


18AB is a 18xx game based in Alberta, for 3-7 players. This design was originally an 1856 variant called '1883'. It has since morphed into its own game. It features Sun and Snow auctions, 2 types of Stock, A player-shared national railroad system that operates mechanically using worker placement-like actions, a variable setup with a highly re-playable map, and much more. It will be available for play-testing at Hattanooga this year!

The next 3 are designs that may make an appearance at Hattanooga:

1872: Railroads of Western Canada

Also for 3-7 players, this is one of the first games I began designing several years ago. A public playtest was available for a short time. Some of the interesting features are government contracts, backflip acquisitions, multiple share types and a percentage of ownership based dividend system. I have recently updated the map and made some adjustments to the rules, while keeping the core ideas of the game intact.

1871: Pacific Scandal

1871 is also a Western Canada game, and is very experimental. It has a blank map, dice, meeples, backwards whistles, noiseless bells... Only a select few have had the chance to play-test this one.


A design set in the province of Saskatchewan Canada, this one is for a small player count, and I am keeping this one mostly a secret/surprise for now... You'll need to attend Hattanooga for a chance to see more.

Well, that's kind of exciting to me. I'm looking forward to seeing where 18AB has gone since last year and to try out 18SK. I'm especially fond of the 4 Winsome 18xx's, this should be right up my ally. Hope to see you a little over a month! Tyler

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