The 1827 Build

What you see here is a playable copy of Federico Vellani’s (of 1849 and 1841 fame) 1827. Originally beta prototypes were circulated in and around 1995 and it was advertised for open playtest in an Italian 18xx publication known as Iron Horses and Brazen Faces. Never published the game was in the form of two separate boxes titled: 1827 East and 1827 West.

1827 is unrivalled in variability, scalability, and sheer number of moving parts. Complete with 3 partial maps of the continental US which could be combined in different ways to accommodate different player counts and historical scenarios. Seating ranges from 3 to 12 players and the game boasts a time span of 4 to 14 hours long, includes Leaders, and Bonds of 4 types. It has Prestige Items, Lines and Trains. There are Privates, Minors, Majors, 1st Class Majors and Systems. You can upgrade trains at player owned train factories. And more…

We have found copies of both East and West and given the thing a good tune up with an eye towards playability and would like to offer you all the opportunity to experience one of the most interesting, challenging, and customizable 18xx games ever to not exist. It’s a piece of our history as 18xx gamers that the organizers of Hattanooga would like to give you a chance to see for yourself.

Addendum: It was eventually decided that the game was too much for a single release and was paired down to the much more manageable 1827Jr. (which we also have a playable copy of). Playable in closer to 5 hours and maintaining some of the features of 1827 but none of the scalability, this game also never saw the light of day for reasons unknown to the author. However, included here is a picture of the part of the Map where Medicine Hat would be located. We are an unnamed, unbuildable, non-descript hex, but a hex nonetheless dammit!

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