GMT's 1846

Well, we here at Hattanooga have been very fortunate in terms of our support for this event. GMT, purveyors of some of the best produced games available for the Strategic Gamer at your house, have put together an edition of 1846 that is truly impressive. Not only did they take the time to ask what was important to the 18xx community at large, but they listened and did the best job they could to produce something that both the old hand can enjoy, but that also has the draw of a well produced game for the new comers to this corner of the playground. The best part? When we asked them if they could find it within their organization to support our little train game convention, they agreed! And boy did they deliver!

We have 4 copies of 1846 to give away at our convention, The first of which you can take home just by pre-registering! We are going to give away a shrink wrapped copy to the 46th person to pre-register for the event. (Which of course, you must pick up in person at the event.) You have to register for Hattanooga before the 2nd of April to qualify and believe me, whether you are new to 18xx or you have worn out your Deepthought Games copy of 1846 showing your friends how to play, you want a copy of this edition!

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